Have fun staring at my junkart lol
Ace here..my sketch blog yo...gonna post my sketches and doodle here than on my main art blog  ask me if you wanna know my nsfw. But I aint answering if youre anon :U.
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Adoptable knight I made a week ago.

feral kawaii ace :U


Manage to draw this offline. Just itaou doing saga. Well it was fun . /runs off and dies

reblogging cuz I love it..

Oh look I drew Ann..Aaaand she’s angry :). I made her a bit muscular cuz I like it that way B). Yep I gave her a lil scar cuz I got one irl

Some mabi chars in npc style


The forbidden love 

Hi meet Itaou the giant and miibi the elf.. Otps aaaaa <3 yeah I tried to use the mabi’s coloring style on their npc’s and I love how it came out ;-; <3.I just wished mabi let elves have dark skin cuz thats actually miibi’s skin color LOL (correct me if Im wrong miyo)

alkatrazt said:
dude. i freakin love your designs/art. any way i can tak a swak at an oc of yours?

haha thank you <33333 oh sure..give my bbies some smooches B)

I fell inlove with this lil shit LOL. His name is Shattap Cuz I. Can. He’s my mascot in FA :>. And yes its been a while since I pixel. I’ll do it more often.