// Pink and chocolate //
Ace here..my sketch blog yo...gonna post my sketches and doodle here than on my main art blog  ask me if you wanna know my nsfw. But I aint answering if youre anon :U.
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Its raining so. Why not draw something related to it added with cutesy.

A very old sketch that I decided to lineart hurray me. Have some transparent bg of ashley

Who are your ultimate otps?

I got lots but this is my ultimate one ; v ; <3 Theyre orginally mythical creatures LOL but I drew them in AU. So yeah my OTP with my bb Miyo

Since I have one in FA, decided to make a tumblr mascot as well for this blog and there you have it. My very own yandere oni. Yup those are horns :> . She likes wearing animal inspired clothing . Her name is Peebles or Peep. The second one was the first concept . Gomen I got lazy on the ref sheet so I use a ref pose for that one cuz Im a trash.

Old otp with Hana /v\ . Ace gets bored offline so he draws otps while doing comm B)

Ask away about my OCs or me and I’ll draw them replying to you ;v;/. 

Revamped oc: Murielle. I put her in the same plot story with emman. More drawings of her soon cuz I use to draw her alot :U

Otp with mitbuns B) <3 

Doodles of my revamped oc: Emman. He’s a shorty bb cuz I dont think I have a short guy oc

Doodles of me and miyo’s horoscope bbies.